Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We Have Merged

Keeping up with one blog is hard enough with 3 little ones, but two blogs?????  Need I say more? With the lack of posts and presence on either blog that really should be proof enough.  It was a good idea in the beginning and we really wanted the Twins to feel special with their own story, BUT...we are just not able to keep up with both.  The Twins certainly aren't any less special since its proven that we are definitely spending more time with them and less time blogging. 

So those who have followed us on Doubly Blessed in India,  thank you, but we are packing it up and moving over here to, Our Journey to Surrogacy in India , our first blog and the one that's been around for SO long and truly is near and dear to our hearts since it portrays our entire journey to get where we are today... A Happy, Beautiful and Blessed little family of 5!  We hope you continue to follow our journey as a simple little family and watch as our precious children thrive and grow.