Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our beautiful babies...

We are already in our 20th week.  More then half way there considering most twins are considered full term at around 36 weeks.  We had our 4D (3D on our end as we had no sound or movement only still images) anomaly scan in our 18th week.  Our surrogate is doing great and continues to have an uneventful pregnancy thus far. So without further adieu, here are our beautiful babes:

Twin 1 left   Twin 2 right

Twin 1 left   Twin 2 right

Twin 1 left (legs)   Twin 2 right

Twin 2 left   Twin 1 right

Twin 1 left  Twin 2 right

Twin 2

Twin 1 is measuring at 17.5 weeks and Twin 2 is 18.2 weeks.  Twin 2's measurements are all a little bigger except for Twin 1's femur, and foot.  Both have a fetal heart rate of 133 bpm.  Gerry is convinced we have 2 boys, however he says he is certain Twin 2 is a boy.  Grandma R. says she thinks she sees 2 boys as well.  Me...well I have NO idea since all the essential body parts are cut off on purpose. So I am guessing its one of each, just to be different.  Either way as long as they both continue on this healthy and uneventful path to a normal delivery I am happy for 2 beautiful babies.


  1. AMAZING pictures!!!!!! So exciting to see!!! We've only seen one of our 3D scan pictures, can't wait for the others to be delivered. How real everything becomes when you go from blurry black and white 'is that really a baby-type scan pictures' to the 'wow, that's our baby/babies' joy of 3D!!!!!

    Looks like we're going to be in India at the same time given you're having twins. Can't believe that on paper we've only got 3 and a bit months to go but in my head it feels like a few days and so much to get prepared.

    Much love and congratulations on some wonderful scan pics!

    Adam & Michael

  2. Great update, twins look really good!! Not too long!

  3. Rhonda!! Long time no talk to! I ran across this blog and realized it was yours. Your news made me cry -I am so excited for you guys!!!! The u/s pics are amazing. Can't wait to hear more updates!!!

    ("Missing Ian" from NC)

  4. rhonda and gerry... i am so happy for you and to hear, read, see that everything is going great! i can't believe how fast time is flying. seems like it was just a blog ago that you learned you were having twins. blaze is going to be a great big brother. are you busy pouring over names, redesigning the house? have you stopped smiling yet (well if you haven't, don't!)