Thursday, July 21, 2011

Discharge tomorrow...

So sorry everyone, we have had our hands full between the new little ones and trying to entertain Blaze all at the same time and making frequent trips back and forth from hospital to hotel. It is definitely a challenge when bringing a toddler along. Although sleep deprived and no time to update we are managing and wouldn't change it for the world. We had my niece Micaela planned to come with us at the end of the month, but when the twins wanted out earlier, it put a little wrench in those plans and now we are alone till Sunday. Worst part is that its now with them at the hospital we need her the most. Oh, well we are making due.

Twins are not like a singleton at all. Not that I anticipated it being the same, but it is much harder (as I imagined it would be).

Blaze is turning the uber charm on for all the ladies and they are eating him up. Even the waiters at the hotel come and take him for little walks around the lobby. He is definitely the center of attention and a little star and loving every moment of it. It was so awesome to see his God Parents faces when he ran to them and smiled and gave huge hugs and kisses. Definitely a touching moment and one for the memory books.

I don't have time to post photos as internet and sleep are at a minimum. Sorry. All I can tell you is both Dylan (pronounced Dillon like a boy and not Dielon as the sisters call her...LOL) and Jett are wonderful. They are itty bitty and their preemie outfits are even big on them. But they are healthy and eating like champs. They are perfect with full heads of hair. We already are seeing their different personalities at just a few days old. It is amazing how little they are and SO healthy. They spent less then 24 hours in the NICU and will most likely be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. WOOOO HOOOO!!!

I promise once back at the hotel and settled in a little I will plug in the camera and post some pics of our furry (yes I said furry...they have lots of preemie body hair) twins. For Dylan's sake its a good thing this only lasts for a while. :)

Thank you everyone for your kind words and well wishes. We are still in shock that our little family of 3 plus dog turned into 5 plus dog at the blink of an eye. We can't believe they are ours and that we have been doubly blessed through surrogacy in India.

Till next time. Big hugs from the 5 of us here in Mumbai.


  1. Hi

    So pleased all is going well for you.
    I woud be very interested to hear which hotel you stayed at and how close it is to the hospital.



  2. I've been secretly stalking your blog waiting for pics. I can only imagine how tired you guys are. Hopefully you can get some rest when they at discharged and you are at the hotel. We send our love and can't wait to hear more. Big hugs to the best docs around!!

  3. Thanks for the update! I cry time I read a new one!!! Love you all, and am SO excited to hear all the details!! Wow!! So exciting!! Perfect names too!! Love you all so much!
    Jessica for all of the Millers!!

  4. So glad to hear all is working out well, and the babies are healthy. Not hard to imagine that Blaze is charming everyone... Thinking of you lots!

  5. thanks for ur updates so god blessed you with babies.........
    all the best rest of the life.

  6. Great to have the update but understand the delay, I cant imagine. I wish I could have seen Yash and Sudhir's face when Blaze ran toward them, I would have cried for sure. How special. Take Care of yourselves (all of you!) and Thank you for the update.
    Hugs from us!
    Please hug the docs from us and send them our love.
    Joy, Kelly and the boys