Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heading to India...sooner then later!

Well the latest update is FB is relaxing and hasn't further progressed, so we may have a few more days.

We booked our flights and leave bright and early this Sunday the 17th. We arrive in Mumbai on Monday the 18th late at night.

We know our little ones and surrogate are in the best of hands at Hiranandani with Dr.Soni and Team SI watching over. So that in itself is a HUGE stress reliever for us.

Packing certainly doesn't seem easier this trip and I suppose the mad dash for last minute things doesn't help much either.

Thank you all for your support and kind words. Our surrofamily, friends near and far and our immediate family have all been so incredible. You will never know how great it feels to see you stopped by our blog to check in on us and leave a little love (comments) for us. Do please keep our little angels and dearest Surro Mom in your prayers.

We will keep you posted as things progress. Until then, I gotsta get to packing!!!


  1. So good to hear that everything is alright. And each that your twins are able to stay indoors, they will grow bigger and cuter. I dreamed about them last night though and they were very sweet already :D
    Fingers are crossed here for your SM and babies aswell as for you having a good trip. I agree about the relieve from knowing such wonderful people are looking after your little ones and SM. SI rules!
    From Sweden with love,

  2. Rhonda and Gerry,
    I've been praying through the whole pregnancy and won't stop until you are all home safely. So exciting.

  3. Hi R & G

    How very exciting for you. I hope all goes well and you are soon cuddling your bundles of love. My hubby and I are just at the start of the journey. In fact he arrives in Mumbai on Sunday 17th to "make his donation"
    I will be following your blog and look forward to the updates and pictures of course.


  4. Hurray!!!! We can not wait to hear you have arrived, that you have seen the docs, your surro and the docs have been able to see Blaze too! Best of luck we will be thinking of you and praying all goes well. Good Luck!!!!
    Joy, Kelly and the Boys

  5. Safe travels and best wishes!

  6. This is soooo EXCITING!!!! Wishing you, Jerry and Blaze safe and happy travels! I can't wait to see pics of your new lil' babies!


  7. I know I already told you....But, YEAH!! So excited for you guys! We love the heck out of yuo and good luck....Please keep us posted! I would like to come out for a few days and help in whatever way I can when you get back..So, call me and let me know when it will be a good time after you get home and settled! LOVE YOU...Muah!!!