Monday, July 18, 2011

While we wait...

We are currently waiting for our connecting flight to Mumbai in Paris. We got 15mins. Of Internet so I checked our email and saw an update from Dr. Sudhir:

I have mixed news for you.
The Oxygen saturation was slightly dropping for FB. The babies are doing fine.
SO Dr Yash and Dr Anita have stopped duvadilan drip and started her on pitocin (to induce labour).
This means the babies will arrive before you arrive.

This was last night, So now, we are just waiting for any further news. Our priority is FB and our babies. It would have been wonderful to be there and possibly have the chance to go in for the delivery, but not at the expense of the three of them. We know Dr.Soni will do what is best for FB and the babies so we are not at all concerned. They are in the very best of hands.

This is all so nerve racking. You'd think it would all be easier the second time around???

We are coming babies and if ours isn't the first faces you see, then you have the VERY best next thing...your amazing God Parents!


  1. godspeed to you guys...thinking of you. travel safe.

  2. Oh, I'm nervous!! God bless you all!

  3. Safe travels, cannot wait for you to meet your twins!

  4. Rhonda and Gerry - I hope that by now you are holding your beautiful new babies in your arms, and celebrating your new family. Thinking of you!

  5. Prayers for you all.... I am crying as I read this!! so excited to hear all about my brothers and or sisters!!
    Love Jessica